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DVD Review & Giveaway: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Space Adventure

As the parent of a two year old, it should come as no surprise that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a morning staple in our household.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure has been available on my cable’s “OnDemand” feature for a month or two now, but it’s finally getting a proper DVD release.

Space Adventure follows the usual cast of characters as they launched into orbit to find a treasure in space.  Since they’re off in space, they run into alternate universe versions of characters with Martian Mickey, Pluto from Pluto and Moon Men Chip & Dale — plus Space Pirate Pete (my daughter’s favorite) and his helper, Quoodles, a female Toodles.

As with most Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, it kept my daughter enthralled the entire time.

While Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Space Adventure doesn’t break any new ground, it is still a fine edition to any Disney DVD collection. With Christmas right around the corner, this is a no-brainer for a stocking stuffer for children ages 2 to 5.

Added perk: The bonus material on the DVD features a brand new episode called “Goofy’s Thinking Cap,” which my daughter enjoyed just as much, if not more than Space Adventure.

Details: Space Adventure comes with two discs (DVD + Digital copy for your iPad/pod/phone, etc.) Dolby digital sound and it comes in three languages – English, Spanish and French.  Total run time is 70+ minutes with Space Adventure running 45 minutes in length.

Bonus: You can win a copy of the DVD! How: Simply ‘Like’ this post on Facebook or RT this post on Twitter and you are entered to win. We’ll pick a winner on Friday. Good Luck!

CD Review: The Deedle Deedle Dees, “Strange Dees, Indeed”

Are the Deedle Deedle Dees the smartest band in the kindie music scene? Possibly.  I once heard Queensryche called “Egghead Bang” for writing rock music that was far smarter than what any of their counterparts were doing. The same applies to the Deedle Deedle Dees. “Egghead Kindie” could easily describe their new their album Strange Dees, Indeed. It’s an eclectic mix of smart songs with anything but your traditional topics used in kids music.

It’s not every day that a kids record comes to your desk with a song called “River of Blood.” Of course, the song is about your circulatory system, and the chorus is catchy all get out. “The River of Blood keeps on flowin’ / The River of Blood keeps on going.”

Musically, the band displays a mix of old school traditional music of ragtime, blues, jazz, swing and numerous others. “The Golem” is a klezmer-style song that will have you singing “Listen to the big feet go bum! bum! That’s the sound of the Golem when he comes” at random parts of the day. The chorus is so good, it gets stuck in your head after the first listen.

Songs about Abigail Adams, Marie Curie and Sacagawea are other topics included on Strange Dees, Indeed. Ever heard of Phineas Gage before? Neither had I, but that didn’t stop the Dees from writing a song about him. Cliff Notes version: He survived an accident in which a large iron rod was driven completely through his head, destroying much of his brain’s left frontal lobe.  Like I said, not your typical kids’ music fare.

Strange Dees, Indeed is different, unique and impossible not to fall in love with.

This album is geared towards older kids; most of the lyrical content will fly over the head of kids under four years old. Curious about how these songs came about and interested in helping educate your kids on the topics covered in the songs? Read with your kids, straight from the band, plus lyrics right here.

Buy the new CD, straight from their site. Listen to the tracks below.

CD Review: Mike Park, “Smile”

My taste in music developed during the mid ’90s, and the resurgence of ska/punk – with artists like Mustard Plug, Toasters, Skofflaws, MU330, and, of course, Skankin’ Pickle – was a big part of that development. To me, it always seemed that ska and kids’ music were a natural fit for each other. Luckily for fans of the genre, Skankin’ Pickle front man Mike Park just released Smile, his first foray into the kindie music scene. My inner punk/ska nerd’s head exploded.

Mike doesn’t break the mold too much on the tried-and-true ska/punk formula.

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The opening track, “Wiggly Wiggly Worm,” kicks off like a typical ska tune: chicken-scratching guitar and saxophone. “We All Live At Animal Park” is an acoustic gem that closes the album; your kids will be singing along with it after one listen. “Everybody Loves to Jump” will have your kids following along with the instructions — “Move your arms, shake your head, swing your hips from side to side, exercise is fun!” (Keeping to Park’s roots, this track includes a subtle Operation Ivy reference.)

Other topics include eating apples, bus driver Gus, frogs and playing the saxophone. It’s stuff that’s been covered many times before, but Park breathes some fresh life into the genre.

At 23 minutes long, the twelve tracks fly by at a blistering pace with most tracks being well short of two minutes. After one listen to some songs, my daughter was already saying: “Again.” The songs are bouncy, catchy, simple, fun, sweet and just goofy enough to keep your kids listening. Even if you weren’t into the punk/ska scene from the mid ’90s, Mike Park’s debut kindie record is definitely worth the .

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Check out the video for “We All Live At Animal Park”

1. Wiggly Wiggly Worm
2. Apple’s Are My Favorite
3. Little Green Frog
4. Everybody Loves To Jump
5. I Can See The Ocean
6. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..Drums
7. When The Light Turns Red You Stop
8. Paint With Me
9. Turn Off The Lights
10. Bus Driver Gus
11. I Love To Play My Saxaphone
12. We All Live At Animal Park

Order ‘Smile’ right here for $8Bonus: A custom made four-pack of crayons with a cartoon of MIKE PARK’S face come with each record!

Double Bonus: According to this interview,  Mike plans on releasing more kindie albums from members of Bouncing Souls, Groovie Ghoulies, and MU330.