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Review & Giveaway – Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Check Up

Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins is very popular in our house and with good reason. It’s a pretty damn good show. It has a definite Toy Story vibe with the toys coming to life, but that’s a minor quibble. I mean, if you’re gonna bogart an idea, you might as well bogart from the gold standard. As a father of two daughters it’s hard to ask for a better role model on television for the 2-5 year old set than Doc McStuffins. She’s smart and takes charge when things go wrong.

It’s a cute, creative, fun show with positive role models all around. There is very little to dislike about the show. If you’re a fan of the show, this is a no-brainer. If you’re not and you need a starting point, this is a pretty good place to begin.

Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Checkup is the second DVD released for the show.

Episodes included on this DVD:
1. Gulpy, Gulpy Gators! / One Note Wonder
2. Tea Party Tantrum / Blast Off!
3. Arcade Escapade / Starry, Starry Night
4. Bronto Boo-Boos / Brontosaurus Breath
5. Doctoring The Doc / Hot Pursuit

And we’re giving away a copy of the DVD! HOW TO WIN: Real simple, either share this post on Facebook or RT our tweet about the review. A winner will be selected at random on Friday June 1st.

In the meantime, enjoy these Doc McStuffin activity sheets!

DVD Review: My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding (Plus: Win a Copy!)

Here’s the deal, fathers. If you have daughters—or sons who don’t care about outmoded gender roles (and if so, good on you, man)—there is a 90 percent chance that at some point during your day, you’re going to have to watch something with unicorns in it. The key is to find a unicorn-based entertainment which your picky-as-to-unicorns children and you, a reasonable adult, can watch together and enjoy as much as possible.

It’s actually not that hard. My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding comes out on DVD from SHout! Kids on August 7. A two-hour length special miniseries of five episodes from the shockingly popular, actually pretty hip and funny The Hub channel’s 2010 reboot of the fanciful ’80s series, it’s both unicorn heavy (the way MLP always should have been!) and high on the drama.

Reflecting and condensing the recent English royal wedding fervor for children, the plot concerns Shining Armor’s impending nuptials to Cadance, the well-heeled niece of Princess Celestia. Shining Armor’s sister is, of course, Twilight Sparkle, so this marriage is one of romance, but also at least somewhat politically motivated, as this royal marriage will certainly consolidate power and join two of the most powerful families in the city-state of Ponyville. It’s also worth mentioning that these are some great unicorn names.

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There are songs, rainbow-haired unicorns in wedding dresses, and lots and lots and lots of pink.

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It’s kind of ridiculous, but totally fun. Shout Kids! has graciously offered us up a giveaway: a brand-new DVD of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding. If you think you’ve got the pony magic to bring this one home for you or your kids, leave a comment below.

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A random respondent wins! Dadnabbit is magic!

NOTE: Contest is now closed.

DVD review & giveaway: Elmo’s World: Elmo’s Favorite Things

la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World

la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's World

Last week Elmo celebrated his birthday  and this week he is releasing a brand new DVD, Elmo’s World: Elmo’s Favorite Things. (out today, February 7th) The latest disc from the Sesame Workshop contains eight (8) episodes of Elmo’s World and features the DVD premiere of Elmo’s World Building Things.

As you would expect, the regular cast of characters are all here: Elmo, Mr. Noodle, his brother Mr. Noodle and their sister Miss Noodle. And of course, Dorothy his pet fish is also here. It’s a collection of episodes that normally air towards the end of every Sesame Street episode. At this stage in the game you know exactly what you’re going to get from an Elmo DVD. Whether it’s Elmo talking to children, Dorothy, Mr. Noodle or other Sesame Street monsters; your child will be entertained, educated and engaged, just like mine, from start to finish.

What exactly are some of Elmo’s favorite things? School, Birthdays, Pets, Games, Dinosaurs, the Beach, Building Things and Friends. Each episode provides a fantastic educational opportunity between parent and child. As my daughter is almost three, this DVD is right in her wheelhouse. She was mesmerized from beginning to end and was more than willing to give me a play-by-play of everything that was happening.

It should come as no surprise that Elmo’s World: Elmo’s Favorite Things would be another solid edition to your child’s DVD collection.

Bonus: We have a copy of the DVD to giveaway! How win it: Leave a comment on this post, share this post on Facebook or RT the @Dadnabbit Twitter account. We will pick a winner this Friday. Good luck!

Details: Approximately 135 minutes. It also includes a downloadable activity book which my daughter loved almost as much as the DVD.