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Meet Bridgit Mendler

bridgit-hello-my-name-isI recently had the absolute pleasure to join in on a HuffPost Live Chat with singer/songwriter and actress, Bridgit Mendler. She’s a total sweetheart. Bridgit stars on the hit Disney series, Good Luck Charlie. However, like many of the young actors and actresses appearing on Disney sitcoms these days, Bridgit is first and foremost a musician. She sings and plays guitar and she’s really good at both talents.

My kids are both right at the age where they watch the same tv programs. We actually watch Good Luck Charlie as a family.

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It reminds me of my younger days when I would watch Growing Pains or The Cosby Show together with my family. I often make the comment that I think Good Luck Charlie should be on network television but I won’t complain too much that it’s a hit Disney channel sitcom. It’s nice to not have to cringe when those Viagra commercials come on network channels. Not really interested in having that conversation with my daughters…yet.

But I digress. Bridgit is a doll. She comes across as a very wholesome, educated young lady and that’s really the kind of person I want my young daughters to consider as a role model. During the HuffPost Live Chat, I had the opportunity to ask Bridgit a bit about her musical talents. You can watch/listen in on our conversation around 20:12, although, feel free to watch the entire segment (you should):

So, if you haven’t given Good Luck Charlie a chance yet, I recommend that you do. The series is well-written and the actors have great chemistry.

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I’m always howling with laughter. Bridgit’s debut album, Hello My Name is, is available for purchase. It’s a fun, pop rock album that the family can enjoy together.

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DVD Review: “Lemonade Mouth: Extended Edition”

I’ve seen my share of made for TV Disney films over the past eight years to tell the good from the bad, the craptastic from the sublime. Lemonade Mouth, which aired this past spring and has just been released on this two disc DVD combo pack, ranks as one of the best that the mouse house has produced. A great script; fine acting by the film’s young cast; and most of all, songs you won’t mind hearing over and over again when your kids buy the soundtrack, because they will want to buy the soundtrack. But that’s okay. The songs from Lemonade Mouth had the exact mix of inspiration and pop drive to make to make it perfect for accompanying this summer’s family road trips and pool parties. Continue reading

DVD Review: “Bedknobs and Broomsticks: Enchanted Musical Edition”

61EY6NRB1oL._SCLZZZZZZZ_[1]Having seemingly reached a lull in its neverending reissue cycle, Disney has been scouring the vaults for “classics” of dubious distinction this year, including Pete’s Dragon, a barrage of Pooh films, and now Bedknobs and Broomsticks, the light ‘n’ fluffy 1971 release that put Angela Lansbury on a flying bed, is getting its latest reintroduction to the marketplace.

This latest iteration, which follows 25th and 30th anniversary reissues, is dubbed the “Enchanted Musical Edition,” and packs some new bonus content onto the expanded 25th-anniversary print, which added 20 minutes to the film itself. New buyers will now get a featurette entitled “The Wizards of Special Effects,” hosted by Jennifer Stone, an actress who just so happens to be one of the stars of the Disney Channel’s very popular Wizards of Waverly Place series. (Synergy!) You’ll also get a number of small features that look at the music of the film, footage from a recording session, and a deleted song, as well as theatrical trailers. The whole kit and caboodle retails for $30, but you can get it at Amazon for $17.99, which is a decent price for the package. Continue reading