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DVD review: “Gnomeo & Juliet”

It’s a tale told a thousand times, best done in the movies by Franco Zeffirelli, Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, and Baz Luhrmann. So do we really need another adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, this one an animated film told with garden gnomes and other assorted lawn decorations? My first response, especially with this premise, was absolutely not. Even with the music of Elton John in the background, Gnomeo & Juliet sounds like a horrible idea. But guess what, it’s actually a cute little movie with a great deal of heart, some wonderful performances by an excellent cast, and of course there is the music. Continue reading

DVD Review: “Lemonade Mouth: Extended Edition”

I’ve seen my share of made for TV Disney films over the past eight years to tell the good from the bad, the craptastic from the sublime. Lemonade Mouth, which aired this past spring and has just been released on this two disc DVD combo pack, ranks as one of the best that the mouse house has produced. A great script; fine acting by the film’s young cast; and most of all, songs you won’t mind hearing over and over again when your kids buy the soundtrack, because they will want to buy the soundtrack. But that’s okay. The songs from Lemonade Mouth had the exact mix of inspiration and pop drive to make to make it perfect for accompanying this summer’s family road trips and pool parties. Continue reading

TV on DVD: “Home Improvement: 20th Anniversary Complete Collection”

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since most of us were introduced to Tim Allen and his blue collar comedy. Home Improvement, the ABC sitcom built around Allen and his stand-up material, premiered in September of 1991 and quickly became a hit. Running for eight years, the series was a traditional, three camera sitcom that utilized Allen’s relatable personality and talent as an actor and comedian. Continue reading