KidVid 2012: Kids Music Video Tournament (Round Something/Day Whatever)

After all the roughhousing, horseplay, and shenanigans we went through during our first round of voting in KidVid 2012, where else can this tournament possibly go? I mean…who can forget the way Steve Weeks’ mom called the cops on Todd McHatton for toiletpapering the Weeks’ house? Or the way Steve retaliated by covering Todd’s dad’s car with shaving cream and baloney? Clearly, the quest for Number One is making our favorite kindie performers crazy. But we press on, because we are journalists, and living dangerously is what we do. (Except when 3rd & Bird is on. Or Octonauts. Other than that, totally dangerous around here.)

Where were we? Oh yeah, another round of voting! Once more, it’s time for you to do your patriotic duty and send one video on to the next bracket while casting another into the cold, inky blackness of defeat. CHOOSE WISELY.

The polls stay open until 10 PM tonight, at which point we will deliver the results to Zooglobble in a bag that we set on fire before ringing the doorbell. When you’re finished here, be sure and visit Hilltown FamiliesGooney Bird KidsOut With The KidsAges 3 and Up!, and Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl! for more hot voting action!

Brady Rymer, “Love Me for Who I Am”

Okee Dokee Brothers, “Antidisestablishmentarianism”

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