KidVid 2012: Kids Music Video Tournament (Round 2/Day 4)

Good morning, happy Thursday, and welcome to yet another exciting round of being forced to choose between the work of artists who have dedicated their professional lives to telling children that each of us is special in our own special way. Nice try, hippies — someone’s going home today!

Today’s contestants are a sentient 200-year-old hairpiece and a man who is so confused he sees visions of blue bears. Things are getting WACKY up in KidVid 2012. As always, we will leave the polls open until 10 PM EST, at which point we’ll pack the disconsolate loser out to Chuck E. Cheese for some pizza and root beer. Mmmmm…root beer.

Watch and vote. When you’re finished here, be sure and visit Hilltown FamiliesGooney Bird KidsOut With The KidsAges 3 and Up!, and Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl! for more hot voting action!

Beethoven’s Wig, “My Little Chicken”

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, “Blue Bear”