KidVid 2012: Kids Music Video Tournament (Round 2/Day 1)

Well, round one of the 2012 KidVid tournament is over, leaving a salty trail of kindie musicians’ tears in its wake as the wheat was brutally culled from the chaff through day after day of merciless voting. The non-winners have limped home, and the victors stand strong and tall. Great job, every — wait, what? We aren’t finished yet?

Apparently not. Those sadists over at Zooglobble crave more of your sweet, sweet votes, so today we kick off another KidVid battle royale. Two videos shall enter! One shall leave! YOU MUST DECIDE.

As always, we’ll be leaving the polls open until 10 PM EST, at which point we close the booths, turn off the lights, and announce that Putin won with 86 percent of the vote. Here are your contenders:

Caspar Babypants, “Mister Rabbit”

Gustafer Yellowgold, “Pancake Smackdown”