CD Review: Birdie’s Playhouse, “The Wild World of Wildlife”

Cute, bouncy, and educational for animal-loving toddlers, The Wild World of Wildlife offers just under half an hour’s worth of world music for the knee-high set, from the congariffic “Iguana Wants to Baila” to the snaky “Shake Your Tail Feathers” and jazzy “Wombat Scat.” Birdie’s Playhouse, led by Birdie Mendoza, probably aims a little low for kids older than, say, five, but that much should be obvious from the cartoony CD artwork (if not the liner notes, where Birdie offers “mil gracias from the tip of my beak down to my knees” to friends and supporters) — and for children in Birdie’s target audience, Wildlife‘s simple beats, instantly memorable singalong refrains, and infectious sense of fun should prove irresistible. For parents, things might be a little dicier, although I’m warning you now: the “Elephant in the Congo” melody will wedge itself into your brain immediately, like a “Tom’s Diner” for the sippy cup crowd. Pick it up to go along with your little one’s subscription to Your Big Backyard and play it in between repeat viewings of The Jungle Book.

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