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CD Review: Various Artists, “Putumayo Kids Presents: European Playground”

61jya5srirl_sclzzzzzzz_1After a few paragraphs of the press release for Putumayo Kids’ latest release, European Playground, there is one more simple line that says “Putumayo Kids music is ‘guaranteed to make you feel good.'”  And dangit if they aren’t right.

Putumayo’s mission is to introduce kids to great music from every part of the world, breaking down barriers and teaching youngsters about different styles of music as well as new languages.

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It’s been a decade since their groundbreaking World Playground was released, and European Playground features music from 16 different countries—Finland, Sweden, Belgium, England, Denmark, Hungary, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Scotland, The Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Ireland. And the longest track is three and a half minutes, giving you small doses of foreign fare to digest

Our son is not quite two years old and we’re gradually introducing him to some of the cool stuff we like that doesn’t revolve around Elmo or Handy Manny or the Teletubbies (or his favorite artist, yours truly..no, really!). He sometimes whines when we listen to something new, but for European Playground, Jon Jon smiled and bopped his head to the music. And what do you know? So did his parents….proof that Putumayo teaches diversity to parents as well as children.

Go check this one out, and don’t be surprised if your mood doesn’t change as if you’d just stumbled across a 0 bill.

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