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‘LEGO Batman 2’ Might As Well Call Itself ‘LEGO Justice League’

LEGO Batman 2 won’t be out until next month, but thanks to the good folks at Kotaku, you can get a feel for the gameplay today — and for those of you who enjoy what Bell Biv DeVoe might have referred to as “superhero action on the LEGO tip,” it looks like the latest installment in the franchise not only adds a few wrinkles in terms of controls and capabilities, but adds a passel of other DC heroes to the mix, including (but possibly not limited to) Superman, Wonder Woman, The Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, and Green Lantern. As Kotaku puts it in their preview:

Lego Batman 2, as we’ve covered before, is a new, original, linear Lego adventure that allows one or two players to punch through a gallery of rogues as Batman and/or Robin, changing into many super-powered gadget suits along the way. It is also a massive open-world game, connecting its levels together through an immense and fully explorable Gotham City, the first open environment in a Lego game and one that will let players romp through it as Batman, Robin, members of the Justice League or even some villains. Superman is a show-stealer in the game, introducing free-form flight in the open Gotham City, a switch from the generally land-bound gameplay of the long-running Lego series.

LEGO Batman 2 is currently available for pre-order at Amazon. Take a look at some screenshots from the game (and watch the trailer) below.