New Music: ScribbleMonster

Here in the Midwest (Milwaukee) we’re are still waiting for Summer to officially arrive. I mean, we’ve had a day or two that has been great, but we seem perpetually stuck in Spring. Heck, even as I write this, the low for tonight will be 52 degrees!

Just 90 miles south of Dadnabbit headquarters is Chicago, the home of Jim from the ScribbleMonster. He’s struggled with the dreary weather too. But in true artist fashion, it caused him to create.

In his own words:

The weather in Chicago this winter wasn’t remarkably cold or snowy, but I think we may have set a record for days without sunshine. It seemed to rain every day in April and we still haven’t had much sun or warm weather. There was a beautiful, warm, sunny day about a month ago. I dropped everything and spent the day outdoors. I NEEDED the sun. I wrote this song the next day. “Our Summer Song” is a celebration of summer’s arrival. Summer had always been my least favorite season- HAD always – until now. I can’t wait for summer to arrive and already don’t want it to end.

Listen to the tracks below, hit download and leave the ScribbleMonster a couple bucks!