KidVid 2012: Kids Music Video Tournament (Round 1/Day 1)

Because dozens of other kindie site owners were sick, missing, or unwilling to participate, we’ve been asked to help host this year’s KidVid Kids Music Video Tournament — and because we love nothing better than pitting friendly-seeming entertainers against one another in bloody brawls to decide ultimate cultural supremacy, we happily agreed. After constructing a Thunderdome-style battle cage at Dadnabbit HQ, we were sad to discover that KidVid doesn’t involve actual battling; in fact, it’s all about voting (which includes us installing a voting plugin and learning how to use it — we were told there would be no learning).

Anyway, the fun starts today, with a pair of contestants hoping for your vote in Round One (Ella Jenkins Region). Watch! Vote! In that order! We’ll keep the polls open until 10 PM tonight, after which we will deliver a locked box containing the results and live pigeons to the tournament coordinators at Zooglobble. Everyone likes live pigeons, right?

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When you’re finished here, be sure and visit Hilltown FamiliesGooney Bird KidsOut With The KidsAges 3 and Up!, and Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl! for more hot voting action. WHO WILL BE CROWNED THE ULTIMATE CHAMPION? We have no idea, but we’re writing in Billy Squier’s “Rock Me Tonite” wherever we have a chance.

Your Round One contestants:

Steve Weeks, “Bartleby Finkleton Will Not Take a Bath”

Todd McHatton, “I Think I’m a Bunny”

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