Hand Aid Presents “Felt Around the World”

If there’s anything I love more than a good cause, it’s a perfectly filthy double entendre — which is why it pleases me greatly to tell you that, as of this morning, “Felt Around the World” is no longer just the title of Dave Lifton‘s mother’s autobiography.

Now it’s also the name of a good old-fashioned all-star charity benefit single, recorded by all your favorite kindie band mascots in order to raise puppet awareness. Here, I’ll let Mayor Monkey fill you in on the details:

“Felt Around the World” Intro

Recognizing that it was high time someone wrote a catchy little ditty to call attention to this important issue, Zooglobble‘s Stefan Shepherd and Recess Monkey‘s Jack Forman coordinated the all-star (or is that all-felt?) lineup you see in the clip below. It’s awe-inspiring, really. Download the song here (the proceeds really do benefit a great cause), enjoy the video, and remember — everyone needs a little Hand Aid sometimes.

“Felt Around the World”