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Website Review: Jitterbug.tv

Tired of listening to your kids’ same old CDs over and over again? Jitterbug is here to help! The site seems to be in something like beta right now, with just a handful of artists available, but the premise is awfully cool.

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In the site’s words: “Discover great independent music for kids.

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we hand pick the good stuff…you won’t find Barney here.”

It’s a sentiment I can’t argue with, certainly, and I can personally vouch for Jitterbug’s appeal to one particular three-year-old who told me, after watching one video, “I love this site.”

What would be nice is the ability to stream a Jitterbug radio station, or download a Jitterbug podcast — hand-picked content aside, the site is essentially just acting as a portal for embedded content that seems to be mainly hosted elsewhere. Once Jitterbug gets its legs, hopefully they’ll add some of the extra functionality that will help turn them from a video gateway into a must-visit site for the “hip kids” they’re targeting in their manifesto.

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