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DVD Review: “The Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience”

The Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience (2009, Disney)
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Disney attempts to create the same excitement that surrounded the Beatles with the opening of their new DVD, Jonas Brothers: The Extended Concert Experience. We watch the three brothers, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas wake up early in the morning for a TV show appearance, we see them banter about like real brothers, making fun of each other and, in Joe’s case, hitting on the cute young woman assigned to cater to their breakfast needs, and then attempt to get through morning NY traffic on their way to the television studio. Trapped in their SUV, the boys decide to get out of their car and run through the streets of Manhattan chased by a swarm of screaming teenage girls, a la A Hard Day’s Night. For some reason, this homage to the Beatles felt cheap. Are these guys really worthy to be compared to the fab four? I guess the question isn’t for me to answer, because my two kids loved the opening and found it hilarious.

Oh, how I look forward to the day we get to watch the Beatles together! Continue reading