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DVD Review: “A Plumm Summer”

A Plumm Summer (2009, Paramount)
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Once a week our family tries to hold movie night, generally Saturdays. Popcorn is made and the kids get in their pajamas before we gather on the couch to watch come family friendly film from our library of DVD’s. On occasion we’ll rent something from the video store, but more often than not it’s difficult to find quality entertainment for all four of us to enjoy together. When A Plumm Summer arrived, I was hesitant to watch it with the family for fear it would make for a mediocre movie night. Still, as a filmmaker whose own movie went straight to DVD and who has struggled to get people to watch it, I decided to give the film a chance and get an honest reaction from my children and wife. I’m glad I did for my family and I both feel that A Plumm Summer is a wonderful movie and deserves to find a wide audience. Sweet without being sacchariny, serious without being too mature for children, A Plumm Summer is a true find and I highly recommend you checking it out with your family. Continue reading