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A Conversation with Ashley Albert of The Jimmies

It’s been a long four years since the Jimmies treated us to their last release, the CD/DVD extravaganza Make Your Own Someday, but the wait for new tunes ends today with the debut of their new album, Practically Ridiculous.

For fans of the band, Practically Ridiculous offers more of what you love: eclectic, full-bodied arrangements, quirky lyrics, and the reliably adorable vocals of Ms. Jimmy herself, singer Ashley Albert. Ashley was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her day to discuss songwriting, the ins and outs of being a kindie performer, and what the heck took so long between albums. Read on!

So what’s cookin’?

You have a new record coming out.

I do! Have you heard it?

I have. And my daughter, who is five, already knows the words to “Bonfire.”

Really? You know, someone else told me the same thing, and I was a little worried that “Bonfire,” of all the songs, was going to be sort of the least popular. That one is really special to me.

I’m guessing you thought the underlying message of the lyrics might go over some heads.


And the first time I listened to it, I thought the same thing — and so did my wife — but our daughter just latched onto it, and she keyed right in on those lines about being strong, and about being yourself, and about loving who you are.

I love that. That’s definitely the most meaningful song on the album for me, and I wrote it as a message for kids — I didn’t sit down to write an adult contemporary ballad. I just didn’t know if kids would be receptive of the message or not, so that makes me really happy. Continue reading