Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day Is May 5!

Free Comic Book Day

Childhood has changed a bit since I was a kid, but I refuse to believe that the boys and girls of today are so advanced that they’ve lost touch with the unique thrill of sitting down and getting lost in the pages of a comic book. I still remember jumping on my Huffy and heading down to my favorite neighborhood comics shop (yes, there was more than one to choose from), where I spent countless hours wandering the shelves and leafing through plastic-sheathed back issues I knew I couldn’t afford.

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Good times, good times. And even though there are fewer of them left today, comic book shops are still around — and every year on the first Saturday in May, they remind us by throwing a giant party with Free Comic Book Day. Oh hey, look at the calendar — the first Saturday in May is tomorrow.

Visit the Free Comic Book Day website to search for your nearest store and catch up on the latest in comics news. Here’s last year’s video for the event: