Father’s Day gift ideas

imageYou could give any of these items as gifts and you’d probably have a pretty happy father.

10 hand crafted gifts for under $50.
Or if you’re willing to splurge on dad.
iGrill2 – Bluetooth® Smart grilling thermometer.
If he’s a child of the 80’s he’ll appreciate this: LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108.
A book of laughs: This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists.
If your dad is a fan of a good fish story: All Fishermen Are Liars.

But want to know the best gift to give your father? It’s time spent with him.

Do something that gives you a chance to talk with him. Go to a vintage baseball game. Go on a bike ride. Walk around the block. Go to a concert. Go to a book store. Go to a record store. Go anywhere that will allow for you to have a conversation with him.

It’s a Father’s Day gift that can’t be returned, misplaced or lost.