DVD Review – Sofia The First: Ready To Be A Princess

I don’t fall in to the anti-princess view of things. Sitting around and pointing fingers at Disney is the lazy way out. Princess movies don’t set up girls for a life of disappointment, bad parents do. Same goes for video game violence. Violent video games don’t lead to people to go off on a killing spree. If you use it as an opportunity to teach your kids valuable lessons, there is little harm involved.

That said, Disney heard the complaints about the princesses and listened. And came back with another princess? They did and it’s well done. Sofia is voiced by Ariel Winter from ABC’s Modern Family and airs on Disney Junior, the channel aimed and the young child set.

The lessons learned by Sofia in these episodes provide a nice catalyst for conversation with your child. Such as, taking responsibility for your action, even when bad. Doing what’s right, even if it’s not what you want to do. Being friendly & respectful to those considered ‘outsiders’.

So, this is isn’t traditional princess fare. Sofia’s not sitting around waiting for a man to save her.

Sofia The First: Ready To Be A Princess is the second DVD to be released. The first, Once Upon a Princess DVD was released last year.

Episodes included on this DVD:
1. A Royal Mess
2. The Shy Princess
3. Blue Ribbon Bunny
4. The Princess Test
5. Two To Tangu (featuring Jasmine in classic Disney cross promotion)

Sofia the First: Ready to Be a Princess is available now.

Two clips from the show are below.