CD Review: The Hipwaders, “Goodie Bag”

The Hipwaders – Goodie Bag (2009, Hip Kid)

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Anyone who listened to the Barenaked Ladies’ Snacktime! and was disappointed with the relative lack of old-school BNL energy should seek out Goodie Bag, the new EP (out in physical form on April 9; available now as a download) from Bay Area trio the Hipwaders. Although it’s eight songs long, Goodie Bag only lasts just over 16 minutes; most songs hover around the two-minute mark, with the longest cut, the EP-closing title track, coming in at 3:24. This will create plenty of opportunities for repeat (and repeat, and repeat) listens, which will probably drive you crazy eventually — but it’ll take awhile to get there, and in the meantime, these songs contain plenty of enjoyable moments for you and your little ones.

Boasting catchy, uptempo arrangements and pleasantly dry production, the Hipwaders’ songs cover lyrical ground that runs from the expected (having good manners, being afraid of the dark) to the unusual (rayguns, other dimensions, getting a new camera), which should help Goodie Bag win new fans among preschoolers and preteens alike. Not all tracks are created equal (“My New Camera” made my wife swear, which takes some real effort), but on the whole, this is an enjoyable collection from a talented band — and at six bucks, it’s available for the right price. Check out the video for “Field Trip”:

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