Billy Kelly Picks His Five Favorite Pop Culture Dogs

I’m Billy Kelly, and the cat is out of the bag: I love my dog! Heck, I just like dogs in general — what with the companionship and the loyalty and the ability to go fetch me stuff — and so I thought I’d stop by and share a few of my favorites with you. So here’s…

#5. Lassie

Who DOESN’T love lassie? No one, that’s who! Whether you’re lost in an old mine or stuck down in the old well for the umpteenth time this summer, Lassie is the go-to Border Collie gal who can get you out of a jam, and look fabulous while doing so. Good dog!

#4. Mr. Winkle

Everything about Mr. Winkle is cute: his name, his big round eyes, his fluffy coat, his goofy crooked tongue. Mr Winkle simply radiates cuteness. (See illustration). I guess that’s why this mixed breed pup has been called the cutest dog in the world. Good dog!

#3. Betsy

Speaking of dogs in the world… Betsy, a long haired Border Collie from Austria has been called the smartest dog in the world! Betsy recognizes over 340 different words. That’s more words than I, er, … what’s that word again? Oh yeah: know. Good dog!

#2. Bobbie the Wonder Dog

In 1923 Bobbie (a Scotch Collie/English Shepherd mix) got separated from his family while on vacation. His owners thought they’d never see him again but Bobbie surprised them by walking all the way back home. All 2,551 miles of the way back home. In the winter. Good dog!

#1. Fido

Abraham Lincoln is one of my all-time favorite human beings, so it stands to reason that his faithful dog Fido should top this list. Like his owner, Honest Abe, Fido exemplified all the great qualities we humans look for in a friend: intelligence, loyalty, and the ability to run an efficient presidential campaign. Good dog indeed!

Check out my own lovable puppy, Bingley the Tibetan Terrier, in my brand new music video! Sit. Stay. Good dog.

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