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My First Record with Recess Monkey: Van Halen, “Jump”

First off. Love that this is talking about “records.” I have so many fond memories of being in my basement with full access to my dad’s collection of LP’s and 45s. I loved the giant sleeves and artwork, the act of getting the record out and putting the arm down on one of my favorite tunes.

One of my earliest faves was the Dukes of Hazzard theme song by Waylon Jennings. A greatest hits collection from the Beach Boys introduced me to “Heroes and Villians” and I played Sha Na Na’s Greatest Hits just as many times as “I Get Around” and “California Girls.”

I must say though, the most striking memory of all is driving to Record Revolution in the Valley Forge Shopping Mall with my Dad to pick up my very own copy of Van Halen’s 1984. Fueled entirely by my love of “Jump,” seen countless times on MTV, where I would parade around the house with a broom, jumping on and off the couch, we picked up the amazing collection of songs. I’ll never forget my father’s face as he first set eyes upon the chain smoking angel on the cover. I’d give up so much just to be able to ask him about that day now.

On one of my last trips into Record Revolution, on a whim I bought a few used CDs that looked interesting. Didn’t know a whole lot about the artists at the time: Cake, A Man Called E and Zumpano. Well, everybody knows Cake now, but what a treat to realize later I had the early recordings for such great acts like Eels and the New Pornographers.

Just not the same with iTunes and YouTube.

Okay. I vow this weekend to head to Sonic Boom and do some good old fashioned browsing and buying.

And purchase an actual record for a friend.

Recess Monkey’s new album, In Tents!, is out now — read our interview with the band here, and relive “Jump” below.