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Hulk and Spidey Smash Into the Marvel Universe This Sunday on Disney XD

My son is a budding superhero enthusiast, but he’s only four, so I won’t be taking him to see The Avengers this weekend. I do, however — much to my wife’s chagrin — sometimes treat him to viewings of Disney XD’s Marvel shows, including Ultimate Spider-Man and The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Truth be told, The Superhero Squad Show is probably most up his alley, but I digress — the point is, this weekend, the Hulk is doing double duty on the Disney XD lineup, with a guest appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man as well as his regular smashing on Avengers.

The action all goes down this Sunday, when the big green guy shows up on Spider-Man to help the wallcrawler defeat an invisible enemy (lazy animators!) and helps the Avengers during an adventure featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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According to this here press release, the fun begins at 11 AM, but check your local listings — and watch this interview with Fred Tatasciore, the voice actor who gives Hulk that certain je ne sais quoi: