Mallory Kievman

13-Year-Old Girl Discovers Cure for Hiccups

Mallory Kievman

Holy crap. You see that smiling teenager up there? She just cured the freaking hiccups.

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No, seriously, she really did — and she did it with lollipops. Okay, they’re vinegar-flavored lollipops, but still, this is all very impressive to me, especially when I think about the way I spent my time when I was her age.

It all started two years ago, when Mallory Kievman — then all of 11 years old — came down with an annoying case of the hiccups that wouldn’t go away.

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She eventually took over her family’s kitchen, trying more than 100 folk remedies before coming to the conclusion that vinegar “triggers a set of nerves in your throat and mouth that are responsible for the hiccup reflex arc.”

So: vinegar lollipops. Voila. And like any good American, Kievman is turning her knowledge into a business model: She’s now the CEO of Hiccupops, a startup that boasts the involvement of multiple MBAs as well as a grant from the Startup America Partnership. She rang the bell at the NYSE back in January.

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She is, in a word, amazing.

For the capper, read this interview Mallory did with Tech Cocktail, where she shares some of the lessons she’s learned as she brings Hiccupops to market. Her sagest advice — for teen girls as well as tired old entertainment writers — comes at the end: “If you know you want to do it, you know there’s a specific goal in mind, don’t take no for an answer.”

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